Vocabularies by dgarijo

Repository for storing all the different vocabularies and ontologies I have created or contributed to.

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The PROV-O Ontology

PROV-O is a W3C standard for interchanging provenance on the Web. The official URI fro PROV-O is http://www.w3.org/ns/prov#. PROV-O is not included as part of the repository, as it was developed and archived in the W3C.

P-Plan Vocabulary

P-Plan is a PROV extension for linking plans and parts of plans to their respective executions. The official URI for P-Plan is http://purl.org/net/p-plan.

The Open Provenance Model for Workflows (OPMW)

OPMW is an OPMV, PROV and P-plan extension to model the executions and definitions of scientific workflows. The official URI for OPMW is http://www.opmw.org/ontology/.

Workflow Fragment Description Ontology (Wf-fd)

Wf-fd is a P-Plan extension to represent workflow fragments and their relationships to workflow templates.The official URI for Wf-fd is http://purl.org/net/wf-fd.

Workflow Invocation Ontology (Wf-invoc)

Wf-invoc is a simple profile of the P-plan ontology to describe how workflow steps are invoked within a workflow execution. The official URI for Wf-invoc is http://purl.org/net/wf-invocation.

Workflow Motif Vocabulary (wf-motifs)

Ontology for describing Workflow Motifs. Workflow Motifs outline the kinds of data-intensive activities that are observed in workflows (data-operation motifs) and the different manners in which activities are implemented within workflows (workflow-oriented motifs). The official URI for the wf-motifs ontology is http://purl.org/net/wf-motifs.

El Viajero

OPMO profile for a News and Blogs scenario. Extension for modeling travels and routes. The official URI for the Ontology is http://webenemasuno.linkeddata.es/ontology/OPMO

The Research Object Model (RO)

Family of ontologies that can be used together to define a Research Object. The family of ontologies is composed of four main ontologies: RO, Wfdesc, Wfprov and Roevo. The official URI for the family of specifications is http://purl.org/wf4ever/ro. This repository is available on Github: http://wf4ever.github.io/ro/

The Research Object Optimization Extension (RO-opt)

RO-Opt is an extension of the RO model in order to be able to describe optimizations of workflows and their results. The official URI for RO-Opt is http://purl.org/net/ro-optimization

The Video Game Ontology (vgo)

The Video Game Ontology is aimed at modelling video game related information. The main goal is to capture knowledge about events that happen in video games and information about players. The official URI for the vgo is http://purl.org/net/vgo. In Github, the vgo is stored here: https://github.com/dgarijo/VideoGameOntology


Vocabulary for people to publish their software in order for it to be accessible to other users, allow others to run it, cite it, understand it, and use it in their experiments. The official URI for OntoSoft is: http://ontosoft.org/software/. On Github, OntoSoft is stored here: https://github.com/geosoft-earthcube/ontosoft


Vocabulary for representing the terms exposed in the Otalex Atlas. The official URI for the Otalex otnology is: http://vocab.linkeddata.es/datosabiertos/def/medio-ambiente/otalex#.


Ontology network that represents many features form interest from a region and their relationships (from rivers to airports). I didn't create the vocabulary, but I contributed in creating the documentation. The official URI of the ontology network is: http://geo.linkeddata.es/ontology/.