bcftoolsCallVariants [Heng Li, Bob Handsaker ]


Locate - Unique description

  • What is the software called ?
    • bcftoolsCallVariants
  • What is a short description for this software ?
    • BCFtools is a set of utilities that manipulate variant calls in the Variant Call Format (VCF) and its binary counterpart BCF. All commands work transparently with both VCFs and BCFs, both uncompressed and BGZF-compressed.
  • What are general categories (keywords, labels) for this software ?
    • bcftools
  • Is there a project website for the software ?
  • [OPTIONAL] What is the DOI or any other unique identifier for this software (or software version) ?


    Trust - Quality and ratings

    • Who created this software? (Project, Organization, Person, Initiative, etc.)
      • Heng Li
      • Bob Handsaker
    • Are there any additional contributors of note for this software ?
      • John Marshall
      • Petr Danecek
      • Shane McCarthy
    • What useful features of this software are worth highlighting ?
      • [OPTIONAL] Who is the publisher of this software if not the author ?
        • [OPTIONAL] How can a user get support for the software ? (eg. Report bugs, request features and extensions, etc)
          • [OPTIONAL] Has the software been adopted in a project, organization or by a person?
            • [OPTIONAL] Is there any information about uses of this software (papers, research labs, etc) ?
              • [OPTIONAL] Are there any statistics of its use ?
                • [OPTIONAL] Are there any publications where the software is used ?
                  • [OPTIONAL] Is there any benchmark information about the software ?
                    • [OPTIONAL] What are the funding sources for this software?
                      • [OPTIONAL] What are the ratings for this software?

                        Relate - Domain knowledge

                        • What are domain specific keywords for this software ? (eg: hydrology, climate)
                          • [OPTIONAL] Is there any other similar software that you know of ?
                            • [OPTIONAL] What are the recommended uses and assumptions for the software ?
                              • [OPTIONAL] Are there any constraints on use, situations it is not designed for, simplifications ?


                                Access - Download

                                Install - Execution requirements

                                • Is there any on-line documentation about the software ?
                                • What language(s) is the software written in ?
                                  • C
                                • What Operating Systems can the software run on ?
                                  • How can one install the software ?
                                    • What other software does the software require to be installed ?
                                      • [OPTIONAL] Are there estimates of how long it takes to run this software on average ?
                                        • [OPTIONAL] Are there any memory requirements for this software ?
                                          • [OPTIONAL] Are there any other important details about the implementation of this code (parallelization, special hardware, etc) ?

                                            Run - Testing execution

                                            • Is there any test data available for the software ?
                                              • [OPTIONAL] Are there any specific instructions for testing the software ?

                                                DO RESEARCH

                                                Experiment - Run with other data

                                                • What input files does the software require ?
                                                    • File Id: 
                                                    • File Type: 
                                                      VCF file
                                                • What are the input parameters used for this software?
                                                  • What output files does the software produce ?
                                                      • File Id: 
                                                      • File Type: 
                                                        VCF file
                                                  • [OPTIONAL] Are there any relevant data catalogs that can be used with this software ?

                                                    Compose - Run with other software

                                                    • What other software can interoperate with this one?
                                                      • [OPTIONAL] Is this software typically used with other software in a workflow ? (eg: for visualization, preprocessing, postprocessing, etc)

                                                        Cite - Scientific publications

                                                        • Is there a preferred publication or citation for this software ?

                                                          GET SUPPORT

                                                          Discuss - Support and community

                                                          • What is the e-mail contact for this software?
                                                            • [OPTIONAL] What is the support offered for this software?


                                                              Contribute - Evolution

                                                              • [OPTIONAL] How is the software being developed or maintained ?
                                                                • [OPTIONAL] Are there any on-line resources for accessing the developer community for this software ? (eg. discussion board, wiki, etc)

                                                                  Track - Versions

                                                                  • What versions does the software have ?