Research Object for paper: Crossing the Chasm Between Ontology Engineering and Application Development: A Survey

This page describes the materials used and the results of the paper submitted to the the Special Issue "Ontology-Based Software Architectures" by the Journal of Web Semantics, which is currently under review.


The adoption of Knowledge Graphs (KGs) by public and private organizations to integrate and publish data has increased in recent years. Ontologies play a crucial role in providing the structure for KGs, but are usually disregarded when designing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to enable browsingKGs in a developer-friendly manner. In this paperwe provide a systematic reviewof the state of the art on existing approaches to ease access to ontology-based KG data by application developers. We propose two comparison frameworks to understand specifications and technologies responsible for providing APIs for KGs. Our results reveal several limitations on existing API-based specifications and technologies for KG consumption, which outline exciting research challenges including automatic API generation, API resource path prediction, ontology-based API versioning, and API validation and testing.

About the authors

Paola Espinoza-Arias

PhD student in the Ontology Engineering Group of the Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid. Her research is focused on  Ontology Engineering methods for Knowledge Graph provision in Web Services.

Daniel Garijo

Researcher at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California. His research activities focus on e-Science and the Semantic web, specifically on how to increase the understandability of scientific workflows using provenance, metadata, intermediate results and Linked Data.

Oscar Corcho

Full Professor at Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid (UPM). His work is mainly focused on applied research in the areas of Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web and Linked Data, and the application of semantics in Open Science and in Open Government.